Que Será Issue 02

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This is the third issue of my zine "Que Será". You can find the other issues at:


I'm giving away the digital version for free. Please share it for the sake of spreading amazing work by amazing people. I'm only asking for donations so that funds can be raised to print future issues. Currently figuring out logistics of printing, but once they're ready I'll be selling them for $4.  Contact me if you want one!



Izel Villarba

Andre Wheeler

Cassidy George

Alejandro "Fish" Erminy

Sammy Lozada

Reid Ellingsen

Jade Wootton

Hannah Treasure

Zeke Foerster

Zach Eisen

Colton Fordyce

Blair Cannon

Rebecca Schuchat

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Que Será Issue 02

0 ratings
I want this!